Football, what!?

I’ve been cheating on you.  It’s true and I’m sorry.  I hope we can grow from this experience.  It’s not you, really it’s me…

I’ve been shooting sports other than wrestling.  I know, I know, I feel terrible, especially without giving you any warning.  But the truth is I just felt like I needed to spread my wings a little bit, dip my toe in the big sports pool of life, play the field, heck, shoot the field!

I’m having fun with it though, and I can no longer say that shooting wrestling is the hardest sport to shoot.  Volleyball isn’t a cake walk, and football presents it’s own set of challenges, like getting creamed by very large men in helmets.  Let me assure you, I won’t let you down, I’ll be as passionate and faithful to wrestling as I have ever been.  Just, also…basketball.  And water polo, volleyball, baseball, and a bunch of other sports I hope to shoot.

Click to see what I've been shooting outside the wrestling room.


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