2014 College Wrestling: Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational

2014 Cliff Keen Las Vegas Collegiate Wrestling Invitational
The 33rd Annual Cliff Keen Las Vegas Collegiate Wrestling Invitational took place on December 5th & 6th, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center (Hall C-5).

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FINALS (See the full set of 161 photos by clicking above)

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Final Team Standings (Top 10) 

 1. Minnesota              146
 2. Ohio State             120
 3. Virginia Tech          110
 4. Iowa State             106
 5. Cornell                 93.5
 6. Nebraska                89
 7. Michigan                86
 8. Virginia                73
 9. North Carolina State    66
10. Oregon State            56

Results courtesy of Flowrestling.com

125 Final: #2 – Nahshon Garrett (CORN) dec. #4 – Joey Dance (VT), 6-4
Finals Notes: Dance scored first but Garrett lead the bout two TD’s to one. Tons of scrambles and leg passes.

Final Placings:
3rd: Nathan Tomasello (OH ST)
4th – Trey Andrews (No. CO)
5th – Josh Martinez (AF)
6th – Dylan Peters (UNI)
7th – Ronnie Bresser (OR ST)
8th – Zeke Moisey (WVU)

133 Final: #2 – Chris Dardanes (MINN) dec. #9 – Rossi Bruno (MICH), 8-3
Finals Notes: Close for a while but constant Dardanes pressure was the difference.

Final Placings:
3rd – Johnni DiJulius (OH ST)
4th – Earl Hall (ISU)
5th – Daniel DeShazer (UNK)
6th – George DiCamillo (UVA)
7th – Kevin Norstrem (VT)
8th – Ian Nickell (CSUB)

141 Final: #1 – Logan Stieber (OH ST) md. #3 – Devin Carter (VT), 12-3
Finals Notes: Carter is as good as anyone in the country, but Stieber had some highlight reel stuff going on.

Final Placings:
3rd – Nick Dardanes (MINN)
4th – Anthony Ashnault (RUT) vs.
5th – Geo Martinez (BSU)
6th – Mike Morales (WVU)
7th – Joe Spisak (UVA)
8th – Mitch Bengston (NDSU)

149 Final: #6 – Chris Villalonga (CORN) dec. Alec Pantaleo (MICH), 4-0
Finals Notes: Pantaleo had a brakout tournament but Villalonga got the title with a sweet go behind for the only TD in the second period.

Final Placings:
3rd – Gabe Moreno (ISU)
4th – Justin Arthur (NEB)
5th – Cody Ruggirello (HOF)
6th – Matt Frisch (CIT)
7th – Abraham Rodriguez (OR ST)
8th – Sal Mastriani (VT)

157 Final: #1 – Dylan Ness (MINN) dec. #2 – James Green (NEB), 4-3
Finals Notes: Green scored first blood on a sweet reshot but Ness had the deciding score when he pulled up a single and back tripped.

Final Placings:
3rd – Anthony Perrotti (RUT)
4th – Justin Staudenmayer (BROWN)
5th – Russ Parsons (Army)
6th – Steven Hernandez (BSU)
7th – Joel Smith (ASU)
8th – Alex Elder (OR ST)

165 Final: #2 – Nick Sulzer (UVA) dec. #9 – Taylor Walsh (IU), 4-2
Finals Notes: Sulzer was awarded a takedown after a video review that ended the second. Indiana challenged a potential Walsh takedown to tie the bout at the final buzzer, but the no call was upheld.

Final Placings:
3rd – Mike Moreno (ISU)
4th – Cooper Moore (UNI)
5th – Peyton Walsh (NAVY)
6th – Adam Fierro (CSUB)
7th – Max Rohshkopf (NC ST)
8th – Jesse Stafford (AF)

174 Final: #2 – Robert Kokesh (NEB) dec. #7 – Blaise Butler (UVA), 6-2
Finals Notes: One takedown a piece but Kokesh’s ability to ride made the difference.

Final Placings:
3rd – Tanner Weatherman (ISU)
4th – Logan Storley (MINN)
5th – Zach Epperly (VT)
6th – Davonte Mahomes (MICH)
7th – Mark Martin (OH ST)
8th – Pete Renda (NC ST)

184 Final: #9 – Blake Stauffer (ASU) dec. #10 – Taylor Meeks (OR ST), 5-2
Finals Notes: Stauffer beats Meeks for the second time in a couple weeks. Beautiful reattacks by him.

Final Placings:
3rd – Hayden Zillmer (NDSU)
4th – Gabe Dean (CORN)
5th – Brett Pfarr (MINN)
6th – Ophir Bernstein (BROWN)
7th – Tim Dudley (NEB)
8th – Austin Gabel (VT)

197 Final: #3 – Kyven Gadson (ISU) dec. #1 – Scott Schiller (Minn), 5-3
Finals Notes: Gadson scored first, and scored last. Schiller was in deep several times, but Gadson’s hips were too much to get through.

Final Placings:
3rd – Kyle Snyder (OH ST)
4th – Jace Bennett (CORN)
5th – Jared Haught (VT)
6th – Trent Noon (No. CO)
7th – Luke Sheridan (IU)
8th – Jake Smith (WVU)

285 Final: #2 – Nick Gwiazdowski (NC ST) vs. #12 – Ty Walz (VT)
Finals Notes: Counter offense was the name of the game for Gwiz. Two Walz shots resulted in two takedowns for the reigning national champ.

Final Placings:
3rd – Adam Coon (MICH)
4th – Mike Kroells (MINN) vs.
5th – Nick Tavanello (OH ST)
6th – Joe Stolfi (BUCK)
7th – Evan Knutson (NDSU)
8th – Blaize Cabell (UNI)

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