WAW Retrospective: Jordan Oliver 2006-Present

Jordan Oliver
HS: Easton HS, Easton, PA
COL: OK State
Jordan Oliver has a certain swagger that comes with success in a combat sport. Here’s a kid who has been at the top of the podium his entire wrestling career.  I had a chance to shoot him each year since 2006 when Easton would come out to Reno for the TOC.  In a memorable match against Nikko Triggas, Oliver was up going into the third with Triggas on top, his dominant position.  Oliver got turned that match to take second, and frankly, I haven’t seen him loose more than a few matches since then (2010 NCAAs).  Oliver is a 2011 national champion for OK State and it’s his to lose in 2012.  Odds are he won’t.  I’ll keep posting and he’ll keep winning…

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