2017 COL: Pac12 Championships

PALO ALTO, CA — Coverage of the Pac12 championships. Click the thumbnail below to go to the photos sets. Final results are below.

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125 LBS
1st Sean Nickell (CSU Bakersfield) DEC Josh Kramer (Arizona St), 7-5
3rd Will Bardezbain (Boise St) DEC Gabe Townsell (Stanford), 10-8 SV
5th Brandon Staley (Cal Poly) MD Kegan Calkins (Oregon St), 16-5
133 LBS
1st Joey Palmer (Oregon St) DEC Connor Schram (Stanford), 5-4 TB2
3rd Carlos Herrera (CSU Bakersfield) DEC Josh Newberg (Boise St), 4-0
5th Ted Rico (Arizona St) DEC Yoshito Funakoshi (Cal Poly), 6-4 SV
141 LBS
1st Joey Mckenna (Stanford) MD Jack Hathaway (Oregon St), 12-1
3rd Colton Schilling (Cal Poly) F Nikko Villarreal (Arizona St), 4:36
149 LBS
1st Josh Maruca (Arizona St) DEC Coleman Hammond (CSU Bakersfield), 8-2
3rd Joey Delgado (Oregon St) DEC Joshy Cortez (Cal Poly), 3-1
5th Walker Dempsey (Stanford) DEC Dakota Wall (Boise St), 10-4
157 LBS
1st Josh Shields (Arizona St) DEC Colt Shorts (Cal Poly), 10-5
3rd Paul Fox (Stanford) MD Fred Green (Boise St), 13-5
5th Jacob Thalin (CSU Bakersfield) DEC Abraham Rodriguez (Oregon St), 8-6
165 LBS
1st Anthony Valencia (Arizona St) MD Lorenzo De la riva (CSU Bakersfield), 16-7
3rd Keaton Subjeck (Stanford) DEC Demetrius Romero (Boise St), 8-6 SV
5th Rodney Williams (Oregon St) DEC Luke Wilson (Cal Poly), 7-4
174 LBS
1st Zahid Valencia (Arizona St) F Austin Dewey (Boise St), 2:30
3rd Peter Galli (Stanford) DEC Travis Berridge (Cal Poly), 4-1
5th Bob Coleman (Oregon St) DEC Matt Penyacsek (CSU Bakersfield), 8-3
184 LBS
1st Zach Nevills (Stanford) DEC Jacen Petersen (Arizona St), 7-6
3rd Bryan Battisto (CSU Bakersfield) MD Mitch Woods (Cal Poly), 11-2
5th Kadyn Del toro (Boise St) FOR Seth Mcleod (Oregon St)
197 LBS
1st Corey Griego (Oregon St) DEC Josh Marchok (Stanford), 5-3
3rd Matt Williams (CSU Bakersfield) DEC Harley Dilulo (Boise St), 6-2
5th Tom Lane (Cal Poly) F Austyn Harris (Arizona St), 3:50
285 LBS
1st Tanner Hall (Arizona St) DEC Cody Crawford (Oregon St), 4-2
3rd Nathan Butler (Stanford) MD Spencer Empey (Cal Poly), 11-2

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