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2012 NCAA Championships: 133lbs Quarter-Finals: Tony Ramos, Iowa

Here are some quotes about Wrestlers Are Warriors photographers.

“Wrestlers Are Warriors takes better shots than Jordan Burroughs!”

“I’m never sick of your photos, but your photos are sick!!!”

“Thank you for all the great wrestling pics! Much appreciated.”

“YOUR pictures from this weekend are AWESOME!!”

“Had to tell ya HOW JEALOUS I am of your photos! The only great shots I get are referee butts! SERIOUSLY,great work!”

“You have blessed many of us through the years with your commitment to your Craft. Thank you for the Generosity of Time and Experience/s your photos have left behind for each of us.”

“I’ve seen a LOT of wrestling photos over the years and I can always tell when they are Rotundo photos. You have a special gift in photography and I sincerely appreciate you sharing it with the rest of us. It’s one thing to get exposure, aperture, and focal length right. It’s the ‘art’ of your shots that are truly impressive. All of us strive to be the best at what we do and I wanted you to know that you are at another level. Thanks for everything and well done.”

WAW has contributed shots to many media outlets, sponsors, athletic clubs, and families, below is a short list of those we’ve contributed to:

USA Wrestling
United World Wrestling
USA Wrestler
Amateur Wrestling News
W.I.N. Magazine
Wrestling Prep
Cradle Gear
J Rob
Clovis High School
Fremont High School
Mission San Jose High School
FCA Wrestling Bible
Palma High School
Suplay Catalog
Cage Fighter
Sunkist Kids
Titan Mercury Wrestling Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Wrestling
Burroughs Family
Taylor Family
Dake Family
Garcia Family
Gray Family
Maroulis Family
Pendelton Family
Mango Family
Welch Family
Saavedra Family
Pagdilao Family
Mattiace Family
Bergman Family
Frayer Family
Spooner Family
Whitford Family

And these universities (list not complete):

American University
Arizona State University
Binghamton University
Boise State University
University at Buffalo
Cal Poly University
Cornell University
Duke University
Edinboro University
University of Iowa
Kent State University
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Michigan
University of Missouri
The Ohio State University
University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma State University
Oregon State University
University of Pennsylvania
Penn State University
University of Pittsburgh
SF State University
Stanford University
U.S. Military Academy
Virginia Tech
University of Virginia
West Virginia University
University of Wisconsin, Madison
University of Wyoming

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