Adam Satiev back on the mat and Denis Tsargush on Jordan Burroughs

Here’s a newscast about Buvaisar and Adam’s gym and coming out of retirement to make a run for London.

As with any Olympic cycle, the current news out of Russia is pretty interesting in preparation for London 2012. Adam Satiev, a 2000 Olympic champion, is back on the mat down a weight at 74kg, and the rumors are flying about his brother, three time Olympic champion Buvaisar Satiev, also training to make a run at the Olympics at 84kg (is a Sanderson vs Satiev match possible!?).

Link above to see the Tsargush vs Adam Satiev final at the Yarygin Memorial in Russia. Tsargush won in two periods.

Adam Satiev recently competed at the Yarygin Memorial in Russia at 74kg and lost to Denis Tsargush in two periods, the same wrestler Jordan Burroughs beat in the prelim rounds of the 2011 World Championships. This was Satiev’s first competition in four years, and it makes for interesting speculation in Russia and the wrestling world.

Tsargush meanwhile was training to wrestle Buvaisar and was surprised to see his brother Adam down a weight from where he last wrestled. A recent article out of Russia quotes Tsargush as being crushed about his loss to USA World champion Jordan Burroughs in Istanbul, and about the US Living The Dream monetary awards and the Russian equivalent, albeit larger sums ($500,000 for Olympic gold.)

An excerpt from the article is below (translation provided by Google):

– Ready to take revenge for the defeat of American Burrows at the world championships in Istanbul?
– It’s a shame to lose an opponent that is weaker than you. With the defeat to blame myself. Rebooted in preparation for the World Cup. Arms and legs would not obey, the head is worse than thinking. In Istanbul, I could not even get to the fifth place, which gave the Olympic license. After the failure was an eerie desolation. At some time given up. Wanted nothing to do, almost did not answer the phone. But it did not last long. I realized that London is removed, it is time to lift his head and start working. Returning to the American – Burrows became a world champion. He is very strong physically, forcing the pace, pressure pumps. But if you’re in shape, it’s not a problem. Iranian Gudarzi, which I won in the finals of World Cup 2010, more technical, cunning and dangerous.

Denis Tsargush on the podium at the Yarygin Memorial in Russia.

– U.S. wrestlers to win at the Olympic Games in London will receive $ 250 000. Financial incentive is important for wrestlers?
– Americans without it will be one of the main opponents of the team. They usually two to three years did not show good results, but the Olympics are gaining fighting form. The money will add them motivation. However, the Russian fighters are also good bonus. Winners of the 2008 Olympic Games got half a million dollars from Suleiman Kerimov. Olympians Foundation and the state does not forget us. We do not feel left out, hearing the talk of bonuses for foreign fighters. Money – this is important, but not the point. I’m 14 years away from Abkhazia to Moscow, to be held as a fighter. Soon I had a goal – to become an Olympic champion. My life is dedicated to the goal from the rest refused, or pushed away by the wayside. So for me the important thing to win a gold medal in London, and the money and then everything else will follow.

Link to the full article about Denis Tsargush.

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