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STILLWATER — Cowboy wrestlers Alex Dieringer and Austin Marsden became Junior World Team members for the second year in row on Sunday at the 2013 FILA Junior World Team Trials, held in Stillwater, Okla., at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

The pair advances to the Junior World Championships on Aug. 13-18 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Click above to see the photos.

Click above to see the photos.

Finals Results

Men’s freestyle

50 kilos:
Ethan Lizak (LVAC) over Adrian Cordova (Unattached – CO), 2 matches to 0
Lizak dec. Cordova, 9-0
Lizak dec. Cordova, 8-0

55 kilos:
Thomas Gilman (Hawkeye WC) over Nathan Tomasello (Ohio RTC), 2 matches to 0
Gilman dec. Tomasello, 6-1
Gilman dec. Tomasello, 7-2

60 kilos:
Mark Grey (Titan Mercury WC) over Zane Richards (Illinois RTC), 2 matches to 0
Grey dec. Richards, 5-4
Grey dec. Richards, 6-4

66 kilos:
Jason Tsirtsis (Northwestern – unattached) over Zain Retherford (ETWC), 2 matches to 0
Tsirtsis dec. Retherford, 8-3
Tsirtsis dec. Retherford, 8-0

74 kilos:
Alex Dieringer (CWC/Titan) over Dylan Palacio (Finger Lakes WC), 2 matches to 0
Dieringer dec. Palacio, 7-3
Dieringer dec. Palacio, 10-3

84 kilos:
Sam Brooks (Hawkeye WC) over Victor Avery (Edinboro), 2 matches to 0
Brooks dec. Avery, 6-0
Brooks dec. Avery, 9-4

96 kilos:
Kyle Snyder (OTC) over Willie Miklus (Missouri Wrestling Foundation), 2 matches to 0
Snyder dec. Miklus, 7-0
Snyder dec. Miklus, 11-3

120 kilos:
Austin Marsden (CWC/Titan) over Adam Coon (Fowlerville), 2 matches to 0
Marsden dec. Coon, 6-0
Marsden dec. Coon, 10-3


50 kilos:
Tirso Lara (Ultimate Warriors) over Erik Zorrilla (Florida Jets), 2 matches to 0
Lara pinned Zorrilla, 5:43
Lara dec. Zorrillia, 7-0

55 kilos:
Isaiah Varona (USOEC) over Arthur Carmona (USOEC), 2 matches to 1
Varona dec. Carmona, 3-0
Carmona dec. Varona, 6-2
Varona dec. Carmona, 1-0

60 kilos:
Hayden Tuma (Suples WC) over Kevon Powell (Bobcat WC), 2 matches to 0
Tuma dec. Powell, 8-0
Tuma dec. Powell, 8-0

66 kilos:
Sahid Kargbo (Patriot Elite WC) over Alejandro Sancho (USOEC), 2 matches to 1
Sancho dec. Kargbo, 12-4
Kargbo dec. Sancho, 7-0
Kargbo dec. Sancho, 6-3

74 kilos:
Geordan Speiller (Florida Jets) over Dillon Cowan (USOEC), 2 matches to 0
Speiller dec. Cowan, 9-2
Speiller dec. Cowan, 8-0

84 kilos:
Lucas Sheridan (Hoosier WC) over William Baker (Rocky Mountain RTC), 2 matches to 0
Sheridan dec. Baker, 8-2
Sheridan pinned Baker, 1:42

96 kilos:
Kevin Beazley (HRAW/VBRTC) over Khymba Johnson (USOEC), 2 matches to 0
Beazley won by forfeit
Beazely won by forfeit

120 kilos:
Sam Stoll (Minnesota Storm) over Adam Coon (Fowlerville), 2 matches to 0
Stoll pinned Coon, 1:53
Stoll dec. Coon, 11-3

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