2013 HS: Fall Brawl

Click above to see the full set of photos.

Click above to see the full set of photos.

October 19th 2013 at Staley High School
Photos by Mark Lundy.

Fall Brawl will be October 19th at Staley High School. This year’s brawl will be even better than before!

Last year we had competitors from 15 states: Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Jr. High 75
1st Place Match – Mosha Schwartz (Colorado) won by tech fall over Jeremiah Reno (Missouri) TF 22-6
3rd Place Match – Patrick Allis (Colorado) won by major decision over Austin Coons (Missouri) Maj 13-5
5th Place Match – Garrett Raynor (Missouri) won by forfeit over Connor McAteer (Missouri) FF
Jr. High 82
1st Place Match – Malik Heinselman (Colorado) won by decision over Brayden Bradley (Missouri) Dec 6-2
3rd Place Match – Cevion Severado (Missouri) won by decision over Dawson Matney (Colorado) Dec 3-0
5th Place Match – Gabe Buckbee (Kansas) won by major decision over Colby Schriever (Iowa) Maj 8-0
Jr. High 88
1st Place Match – Eric Faught (Iowa) won by decision over Cody Phippen (Kansas) Dec 2-1
3rd Place Match – Zander Condit (Colorado) won by decision over Blake Ackerman (Missouri) Dec 4-2
5th Place Match – Trevor Fauver (Nebraska) won by fall over Jaden Porreco (Colorado) Fall 4:29
Jr. High 93
1st Place Match – Michael McAteer (Missouri) won by decision over Corey Wait (Missouri) Dec 7-0
3rd Place Match – Chance Throndson (Iowa) won by decision over Dayton Porsch (Kansas) Dec 5-2
5th Place Match – Parker Benekas (Colorado) won by fall over Gunnar Murray (Kansas) Fall 2:45
Jr. High 100
1st Place Match – Dustin Plott (Oklahoma) won by decision over Connor Laux (Nebraska) Dec 2-0
3rd Place Match – Robert Weber (Missouri) won by major decision over Malik Johnson (Missouri) Maj 9-1
5th Place Match – Stone Mendez (Meneely School of Wrestling) won by decision over Joshua Steele (Missouri) Dec 9-4
Jr. High 106
1st Place Match – Jon Trowbridge (Kansas) won by major decision over Devin Schwartzkopf (Missouri) Maj 10-2
3rd Place Match – Dakota Bronson (Missouri) won by fall over Kellen Schauer (Minnesota) Fall 0:56
5th Place Match – Jeff Ditter (Missouri) won by major decision over Jerzie Estrada (Colorado) Maj 9-1
Jr. High 113
1st Place Match – Cody Everhart (Nebraska) won by decision over Hunter Jump (Oklahoma) Dec 5-4
3rd Place Match – Anthony Gould (Kansas) won by decision over Asiel Flores (Kansas) Dec 11-7
5th Place Match – Kian Colonese (Colorado) won by major decision over Joey Hancock (Kansas) Maj 9-0
Jr. High 120
1st Place Match – Troy Fisher (Kansas) won by fall over Tate Samuelson (Colorado) Fall 1:16
3rd Place Match – Weston DiBlasi (Missouri) won by fall over Abraham Sanches (Kansas) Fall 0:50
5th Place Match – Lance Jarrett (Nebraska) won by decision over Samuel Townsend (Missouri) Dec 4-0
Jr. High 126
Jr. High 132
Round 5 – Jacob Warren (Missouri) received a bye () Bye
Round 5 – Maxx Fritz (Illinois) won by major decision over Brady Childers (Missouri) Maj 11-3
Jr. High 150
Jr. High 180
High School 106
1st Place Match – Corbin Nirschl (Kansas) won by decision over Lane Glover (Kansas) Dec 3-1
3rd Place Match – Jakob Allison (Iowa) won by decision over Austin Hanson (Missouri) Dec 6-0
5th Place Match – Cameron Valdiviez (Missouri) won by forfeit over Miles Robinson (Missouri) FF
High School 113
1st Place Match – Gavin Dewitt (Missouri) won by fall over Justin Diaz (Missouri) Fall 0:50
3rd Place Match – Brandon Kile (Nebraska) won by decision over Mike Brown (Missouri) Dec 1-0
5th Place Match – Logan Terrill (Kansas) won by decision over Wolfgang Clapper (Missouri) Dec 11-5
High School 120
1st Place Match – Dakota Miller (Missouri) won by decision over Nolan Laux (Nebraska) Dec 4-2
3rd Place Match – Josiah Kline (Missouri) won in overtime over Evan Smith (Wyoming) OT 6-4
5th Place Match – Brett Stoffel (Missouri) and Naseeph Al-Roubaie (Missouri) DFF
High School 126
1st Place Match – Kaz Onoo (Iowa) won by decision over John Gioffredi (Iowa) Dec 4-3
3rd Place Match – Colby Smith (Missouri) won by decision over Brett Velasquez (Nebraska) Dec 1-0
5th Place Match – Robert Ozuna (Nebraska) won by decision over Alan Olivas (Missouri) Dec 7-2
High School 132
1st Place Match – Jake Koethe (Iowa) won by major decision over Clay Stine (Missouri) Maj 9-1
3rd Place Match – Dante` Rodriguez (Nebraska) won by decision over Kyler Rea (Missouri) Dec 4-0
5th Place Match – Chris Drum (Missouri) won by forfeit over Frankie Falotico (Missouri) FF
High School 138
1st Place Match – Blake Clevenger (Missouri) won by decision over Noah Teaney (Missouri) Dec 4-1
3rd Place Match – Jonathan Melton (Missouri) won by decision over Andrew Tujague (Kansas) Dec 5-0
5th Place Match – Justin Fletcher (Oklahoma) won by forfeit over Logan Mudd (Missouri) FF
High School 145
1st Place Match – Nathan Jozsa (Illinois) won by decision over Logan Kass (Minnesota) Dec 5-1
3rd Place Match – Colby Powers (Oklahoma) won by fall over E. Greg Tooley (Kansas) Fall 2:33
5th Place Match – John Williams (Missouri) won by fall over Joseph Prieto (Colorado) Fall 0:12
High School 152
1st Place Match – Samuel Crane (Missouri) won by decision over Eades Austin (Oklahoma) Dec 9-2
3rd Place Match – Chase Vosburgh (Illinois) won by decision over Lawton Benna (Missouri) Dec 7-2
5th Place Match – Jackson Schauer (Minnesota) won by decision over Brandon Baker (Missouri) Dec 6-1
High School 160
1st Place Match – Mason Thompson (Oklahoma) won by decision over Brok Williams (Oklahoma) Dec 6-3
3rd Place Match – Austin Ward (Missouri) won by decision over Austin Chauncey (Kansas) Dec 4-2
5th Place Match – Graham Ratermann (Missouri) won by forfeit over Kade Sander (Kansas) FF
High School 170
1st Place Match – Austin Repp (Missouri) won by fall over Tyler McNutt (Missouri) Fall 0:49
3rd Place Match – Colton Jump (Oklahoma) won by decision over Dalton Tipton (Missouri) Dec 4-2
5th Place Match – Jayden Bears (Missouri) won by decision over Quinton Kelley (Nebraska) Dec 4-3
High School 182
1st Place Match – Bo Nickal (Texas) won by decision over Michael Pixley (Missouri) Dec 3-2
3rd Place Match – Austin Cook (Kansas) won by fall over Geoffrey Yut (Texas) Fall 2:48
5th Place Match – Tad Cravens (Illinois) won by forfeit over Dillon White (Oklahoma) FF
High School 195
1st Place Match – Dylan Gray (Illinois) won by decision over Levi Turley (Missouri) Dec 5-2
3rd Place Match – Jared Langley (Kansas) won by decision over Luke Diener (Missouri) Dec 9-5
5th Place Match – Steven Kirchner (Nebraska) won by tech fall over Joseph Cunningham (Missouri) TF 21-6
High School 220
1st Place Match – Zachary Kearney (Missouri) won by fall over Alton Harrell (Missouri) Fall 3:12
3rd Place Match – Jacob Bender (Missouri) won by fall over Thomas Peterson (Missouri) Fall 0:45
5th Place Match – Caleb Franklin (Kansas) won by forfeit over Ben Lancaster (Missouri) FF
High School 285
1st Place Match – Tyler Horton (Missouri) won by fall over Micah Ragsdale (Missouri) Fall 2:15
3rd Place Match – Eli Espe (Arkansas) won by fall over Tylor Gross (Missouri) Fall 0:25
5th Place Match – Hunter Davis (Missouri) won by forfeit over Joseph Pollard (Oklahoma) FF

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