2014 HS Wrestling: CA State Championships

BAKERSFIELD, CA – March 7-8, 2014 – The California State Wrestling Championships are in the books!.

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FINALS (Partial Set)













106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JUSTIN MEJIA of Clovis (cs)
2nd Place – CHRIS LACAYO of Santiago/Cor (ss)
3rd Place – NAVONTE DEMISON of Bakersfield (cs)
4th Place – DAVID CAMPBELL of Mission Oak (cs)
5th Place – ISAAC BLACKBURN of Del Oro (sj)
6th Place – JOEY CISNEROS of Redwood (cs)
7th Place – JAVIER ALANIZ of Clovis East (cs)
8th Place – CHRIS MARIN of Clovis West (cs)
1st Place Match
JUSTIN MEJIA (Clovis (cs)) 5-0, Fr. over CHRIS LACAYO (Santiago/Cor (ss)) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd Place Match
NAVONTE DEMISON (Bakersfield (cs)) 6-1, Fr. over DAVID CAMPBELL (Mission Oak (cs)) 4-2, So. (Dec 8-6).
5th Place Match
ISAAC BLACKBURN (Del Oro (sj)) 5-2, Sr. over JOEY CISNEROS (Redwood (cs)) 5-3, Sr. (OT 4-3).
7th Place Match
JAVIER ALANIZ (Clovis East (cs)) 5-2, So. over CHRIS MARIN (Clovis West (cs)) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 3-2).

113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – MATT GAMBLE of Monache (cs)
2nd Place – ROBERT GARCIA of Selma (cs)
3rd Place – ADRIAN CAMPOSANO of Central (cs)
4th Place – VINCENT ELIZALDE of Brawley (sd)
5th Place – DURBIN LLOREN of Buchanan (cs)
6th Place – NICO COLUNGA of Oakdale (sj)
7th Place – TRISTAN GILLILAND of Clovis (cs)
8th Place – ANDREW IBARRA of Righetti (ss)
1st Place Match
MATT GAMBLE (Monache (cs)) 5-0, Sr. over ROBERT GARCIA (Selma (cs)) 5-1, Fr. (Dec 4-3).
3rd Place Match
ADRIAN CAMPOSANO (Central (cs)) 6-1, Sr. over VINCENT ELIZALDE (Brawley (sd)) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
DURBIN LLOREN (Buchanan (cs)) 4-2, So. over NICO COLUNGA (Oakdale (sj)) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 5-1).
7th Place Match
TRISTAN GILLILAND (Clovis (cs)) 4-2, Jr. over ANDREW IBARRA (Righetti (ss)) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 6-4).

120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – ISRAEL SAAVEDRA of Modesto (sj)
2nd Place – GIONN PERALTA of Vacaville (sj)
3rd Place – YOSHITO FUNAKOSHI of West Torrance (ss)
4th Place – JACOB DONATO of James Logan (nc)
5th Place – EVAN WICK of San Marino (ss)
6th Place – CARLOS HERRERA of Bakersfield (cs)
7th Place – ISAIAH PALOMINO of Bellarmine (cc)
8th Place – RUSSELL ROHLFING of Sonora (ss)
1st Place Match
ISRAEL SAAVEDRA (Modesto (sj)) 5-0, So. over GIONN PERALTA (Vacaville (sj)) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 5-4).
3rd Place Match
YOSHITO FUNAKOSHI (West Torrance (ss)) 6-1, Sr. over JACOB DONATO (James Logan (nc)) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
EVAN WICK (San Marino (ss)) 6-2, So. over CARLOS HERRERA (Bakersfield (cs)) 4-3, Jr. (Fall 1:41).
7th Place Match
ISAIAH PALOMINO (Bellarmine (cc)) 5-2, Fr. over RUSSELL ROHLFING (Sonora (ss)) 3-3, Jr. (Dec 7-0).

126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – MICHAEL KNOBLAUCH of Clovis West (cs)
2nd Place – MASON PENGILLY of Porterville (cs)
3rd Place – KRISTIAN VASQUEZ of Ml King (ss)
4th Place – ANGEL VELASQUEZ of Modesto (sj)
5th Place – JONNY PARADA of San Fernando (la)
6th Place – DANIEL RUIZ of Madera (cs)
7th Place – ANTHONY HERNANDEZ of Vacaville (sj)
8th Place – MANNY LAIR of Poway (sd)
1st Place Match
MICHAEL KNOBLAUCH (Clovis West (cs)) 6-0, Sr. over MASON PENGILLY (Porterville (cs)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 8-6).
3rd Place Match
KRISTIAN VASQUEZ (Ml King (ss)) 7-1, Sr. over ANGEL VELASQUEZ (Modesto (sj)) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
JONNY PARADA (San Fernando (la)) 4-2, Sr. over DANIEL RUIZ (Madera (cs)) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 6-2).
7th Place Match
ANTHONY HERNANDEZ (Vacaville (sj)) 6-2, Jr. over MANNY LAIR (Poway (sd)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 5-3).

132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – ZAHID VALENCIA of St. John Bosco (ss)
2nd Place – WYATT WYCKOFF of Paradise (ns)
3rd Place – ISAIAH HOKIT of Clovis (cs)
4th Place – JADEN ENRIQUEZ of Mission Oak (cs)
5th Place – JULIAN FLORES of San Marino (ss)
6th Place – RUBEN GARCIA of Selma (cs)
7th Place – TOMMY YOZZO of Amador Valley (nc)
8th Place – JOSHY CORTEZ of Temecula Valley (ss)
1st Place Match
ZAHID VALENCIA (St. John Bosco (ss)) 5-0, Jr. over WYATT WYCKOFF (Paradise (ns)) 4-1, Jr. (Fall 2:53).
3rd Place Match
ISAIAH HOKIT (Clovis (cs)) 6-1, Jr. over JADEN ENRIQUEZ (Mission Oak (cs)) 6-2, Fr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
JULIAN FLORES (San Marino (ss)) 4-2, So. over RUBEN GARCIA (Selma (cs)) 3-3, So. (Dec 7-6).
7th Place Match
TOMMY YOZZO (Amador Valley (nc)) 5-2, Sr. over JOSHY CORTEZ (Temecula Valley (ss)) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 3:50).

138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – EMILIO SAAVEDRA of Modesto (sj)
2nd Place – MIKE LONGO of Santiago/Cor (ss)
3rd Place – MCCOY KENT of Enochs (sj)
4th Place – SERGIO ENLOE of Poway (sd)
5th Place – UZO OWUAMA of Bloomington (ss)
6th Place – JOSEPH DOMINIGUEZ of St. John Bosco (ss)
7th Place – JACOB MACALOLOOY of James Logan (nc)
8th Place – TANNER ROBISON of Del Oro (sj)
1st Place Match
EMILIO SAAVEDRA (Modesto (sj)) 6-0, Sr. over MIKE LONGO (Santiago/Cor (ss)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
MCCOY KENT (Enochs (sj)) 6-1, Jr. over SERGIO ENLOE (Poway (sd)) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
UZO OWUAMA (Bloomington (ss)) 5-2, Sr. over JOSEPH DOMINIGUEZ (St. John Bosco (ss)) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
7th Place Match
JACOB MACALOLOOY (James Logan (nc)) 5-2, Sr. over TANNER ROBISON (Del Oro (sj)) 5-3, Jr. (MD 10-2).

145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – NIKO VILLARREAL of Gilroy (cc)
2nd Place – CHRIS GARCIA of Clovis West (cs)
3rd Place – JUSTIN THOMAS of Santiago/Cor (ss)
4th Place – RALPH TOVAR of Poway (sd)
5th Place – JACOB THALIN of Santa Teresa (cc)
6th Place – CONNER FRANCIS of Buchanan (cs)
7th Place – GINO ROMAN of El Dorado (ss)
8th Place – NIGEL RUIZ of Bishop Amat (ss)
1st Place Match
NIKO VILLARREAL (Gilroy (cc)) 6-0, Sr. over CHRIS GARCIA (Clovis West (cs)) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 11-6).
3rd Place Match
JUSTIN THOMAS (Santiago/Cor (ss)) 5-1, So. over RALPH TOVAR (Poway (sd)) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 3-1).
5th Place Match
JACOB THALIN (Santa Teresa (cc)) 6-2, Jr. over CONNER FRANCIS (Buchanan (cs)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 7-3).
7th Place Match
GINO ROMAN (El Dorado (ss)) 4-2, Sr. over NIGEL RUIZ (Bishop Amat (ss)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – PAUL FOX of Gilroy (cc)
2nd Place – PJ KLEE of Cardinal Newman (nc)
3rd Place – TYLER ZIMMER of Clovis West (cs)
4th Place – JOSEPH GRANGER of Rancho Buena Vista (sd)
5th Place – NOLAN KISTLER of Ml King (ss)
6th Place – ALEX GARCIA of Christopher (cc)
7th Place – ANDREW MORGAN of Fountain Valley (ss)
8th Place – ABNER ROMERO JR of Buchanan (cs)
1st Place Match
PAUL FOX (Gilroy (cc)) 5-0, Sr. over PJ KLEE (Cardinal Newman (nc)) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
3rd Place Match
TYLER ZIMMER (Clovis West (cs)) 8-1, Sr. over JOSEPH GRANGER (Rancho Buena Vista (sd)) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
NOLAN KISTLER (Ml King (ss)) 4-2, Sr. over ALEX GARCIA (Christopher (cc)) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 1-0).
7th Place Match
ANDREW MORGAN (Fountain Valley (ss)) 4-2, Jr. over ABNER ROMERO JR (Buchanan (cs)) 5-3, So. (Dec 7-1).

160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – COLT DOYLE of Poway (sd)
2nd Place – KALEIO ROMERO of Oakmont (sj)
3rd Place – ALEXANDER GRAVES of San Marcos (sd)
4th Place – AARON NEGRETTE of Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss)
5th Place – JOSH HOKIT of Clovis (cs)
6th Place – MICHAEL LOPEZ of Victor Valley (ss)
7th Place – JOHN LEAL of Chico (ns)
8th Place – BRYAN SALINAS of Northview (ss)
1st Place Match
COLT DOYLE (Poway (sd)) 5-0, Jr. over KALEIO ROMERO (Oakmont (sj)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 8-5).
3rd Place Match
ALEXANDER GRAVES (San Marcos (sd)) 5-1, Sr. over AARON NEGRETTE (Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss)) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
5th Place Match
JOSH HOKIT (Clovis (cs)) 4-2, So. over MICHAEL LOPEZ (Victor Valley (ss)) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 2:04).
7th Place Match
JOHN LEAL (Chico (ns)) 4-2, Jr. over BRYAN SALINAS (Northview (ss)) 3-3, Sr. (For.).

170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – ANTHONY VALENCIA of St. John Bosco (ss)
2nd Place – BRYCE MARTIN of Bakersfield (cs)
3rd Place – BRODY BRAND of Clovis (cs)
4th Place – AUSTIN FLORES of Clovis North (cs)
5th Place – MATT PENYACSEK of Gilroy (cc)
6th Place – CHRIS MORAN of Sanger (cs)
7th Place – ALBINO OROZCO of Turlock (sj)
8th Place – SETH MORALES of Bonita (ss)
1st Place Match
ANTHONY VALENCIA (St. John Bosco (ss)) 5-0, Jr. over BRYCE MARTIN (Bakersfield (cs)) 5-1, Sr. (MD 14-4).
3rd Place Match
BRODY BRAND (Clovis (cs)) 6-1, Sr. over AUSTIN FLORES (Clovis North (cs)) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
MATT PENYACSEK (Gilroy (cc)) 5-2, Jr. over CHRIS MORAN (Sanger (cs)) 5-3, Sr. (Fall 2:55).
7th Place Match
ALBINO OROZCO (Turlock (sj)) 4-2, Sr. over SETH MORALES (Bonita (ss)) 4-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).

182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – NICK FIEGENER of Folsom (sj)
2nd Place – COREY GRIEGO of Sultana (ss)
3rd Place – JOHNNY BELTRAN of Servite (ss)
4th Place – SKYLER GONZALEZ of Rocklin (sj)
5th Place – ALEC GAMBOA of Madera (cs)
6th Place – NATHAN MORRIS of Redwood (nc)
7th Place – AJ NEVILLS of Clovis (cs)
8th Place – ISAAC RANGEL of Firebaugh (cs)
1st Place Match
NICK FIEGENER (Folsom (sj)) 6-0, Sr. over COREY GRIEGO (Sultana (ss)) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
JOHNNY BELTRAN (Servite (ss)) 5-1, Sr. over SKYLER GONZALEZ (Rocklin (sj)) 6-2, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
ALEC GAMBOA (Madera (cs)) 5-2, Jr. over NATHAN MORRIS (Redwood (nc)) 4-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
AJ NEVILLS (Clovis (cs)) 5-2, So. over ISAAC RANGEL (Firebaugh (cs)) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 7-3).

195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – IAN BAKER of La Costa Canyon (sd)
2nd Place – RICHARD YBARRA-BRANDT of Liberty Madera Ranchos (cs)
3rd Place – CHANDLER RAMIREZ of Archbishop Mitty (cc)
4th Place – CLAYTON HARTWELL of James Logan (nc)
5th Place – JOEY BANKS of Franklin-EG (sj)
6th Place – MATT WEISS of Clovis (cs)
7th Place – DYLAN BOLLINGER of Sultana (ss)
8th Place – ERIK MEDINA of Jesuit (sj)
1st Place Match
IAN BAKER (La Costa Canyon (sd)) 5-0, Sr. over RICHARD YBARRA-BRANDT (Liberty Madera Ranchos (cs)) 5-1, Jr. (Dec 7-5).
3rd Place Match
CHANDLER RAMIREZ (Archbishop Mitty (cc)) 7-1, Sr. over CLAYTON HARTWELL (James Logan (nc)) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
5th Place Match
JOEY BANKS (Franklin-EG (sj)) 5-2, Sr. over MATT WEISS (Clovis (cs)) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 7-3).
7th Place Match
DYLAN BOLLINGER (Sultana (ss)) 5-2, Sr. over ERIK MEDINA (Jesuit (sj)) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 4-2).

220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JERAMY SWEANY of Vacaville (sj)
2nd Place – GABRIEL GONZALEZ of Washington Union (cs)
3rd Place – VICTOR RAIGOZA of Orland (ns)
4th Place – GRAHAM GRANT of Saratoga (cc)
5th Place – CORTES MORALES of Clovis West (cs)
6th Place – MIGUEL RUIZ of Pioneer Valley (ss)
7th Place – QUENTIN WRIGHT of Alhambra (nc)
8th Place – DANIEL PENA of Birmingham (la)
1st Place Match
JERAMY SWEANY (Vacaville (sj)) 6-0, Sr. over GABRIEL GONZALEZ (Washington Union (cs)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
3rd Place Match
VICTOR RAIGOZA (Orland (ns)) 5-1, Sr. over GRAHAM GRANT (Saratoga (cc)) 6-2, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
5th Place Match
CORTES MORALES (Clovis West (cs)) 4-2, Sr. over MIGUEL RUIZ (Pioneer Valley (ss)) 5-3, Sr. (Dec 6-1).
7th Place Match
QUENTIN WRIGHT (Alhambra (nc)) 5-2, Sr. over DANIEL PENA (Birmingham (la)) 3-3, Sr. (Dec 13-7).

285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – NICK NEVILLS of Clovis (cs)
2nd Place – NOUR ABDULLATIF of Roosevelt (ss)
3rd Place – CHANCE ESKAM of Carlsbad (sd)
4th Place – PABLO GONZALEZ of Ukiah (nc)
5th Place – JOSE ALVAREZ of Selma (cs)
6th Place – DOMINIC BALMER of Woodcreek (sj)
7th Place – GARY MILTENBERGER of Fremont (cc)
8th Place – JAKE MINSHEW of Casa Roble (sj)
1st Place Match
NICK NEVILLS (Clovis (cs)) 6-0, Sr. over NOUR ABDULLATIF (Roosevelt (ss)) 4-1, Sr. (Fall 1:24).
3rd Place Match
CHANCE ESKAM (Carlsbad (sd)) 6-1, Sr. over PABLO GONZALEZ (Ukiah (nc)) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
5th Place Match
JOSE ALVAREZ (Selma (cs)) 6-2, Jr. over DOMINIC BALMER (Woodcreek (sj)) 3-3, Jr. (OT 3-1).
7th Place Match
GARY MILTENBERGER (Fremont (cc)) 5-2, Sr. over JAKE MINSHEW (Casa Roble (sj)) 3-3, Jr. (Fall 4:08).

CIF – Preview
Updated: March 4, 2014

By The California Wrestler (TCW)
By Michael Cho, Bill Grant, Pablo DiMaria, and Al Fontes

More than 25,000 wrestlers representing over 800 high school schools compete in California – yet only the very best have the opportunity to seek glory in a single-division state championship widely considered as the toughest in the country. Athletic natural selection at its finest, the top 560 competitors in the Golden State have arrived at Rabobank Arena to chase their dreams. The 14 weight-class field will be as diverse as the state itself and only the most mentally and physically tough wrestlers will survive the two-day, double-elimination gauntlet to earn one of 112 state medals.Points accumulated by individual wrestlers determine the team champion and one dominant program may leave its rivals far behind – and re-write history.

CLOVIS, C – The Cougars are in position to accomplish an unprecedented feat – become the first team in state history to win four consecutive titles. Ranked #3 in the country, the Cougars have two state records within their sights – total team points (256.5) and state medalists (10). Clovis suits up their entire line-up for state, including four returning medalists. Potential finalists include top-ranked freshman Justin Mejia (106), Khristian Olivas (126), Isaiah Hokit (132), and Nick Nevills (285). Also expected to boost Clovis’ race to history are Julian Gaytan (120), Dominic Kincaid (152), Joshua Hokit (160), Brody Brand (170), AJ Nevills (182), and Matt Weiss (195). Coach Adam Tirapelle believes his team is in a proper state of mind heading into the weekend: “Our goal is to always compete for a state championship, whether it’s the first in a long time or the fourth in a row. I think from a historical perspective, it would be nice to get the fourth just because no one else has – and over the years, Clovis has always set the bar. This would be just one more feather in the program’s cap. For our seniors, it would be hard to imagine a better high school career anywhere in any sport.”

POWAY, SD – A cluster of traditional powerhouses follow Clovis and chief among them are the Titans from San Diego, who retain their customary position as title contenders. Coming off an amazing 27th straight section title, the 2009 state champions (and last year’s runner-ups) bring a healthy contingent to the state meet, with 12 qualifiers. During the regular season, Poway claimed the Reno Tournament of Champions and Temecula Valley crowns. Ranked #33 in the country, Poway is led by returning state medalist Ralphie Tovar (145) and several medal hopefuls – Scott Kiyono (113), Kimo Dial (120), Sergio Enloe (138), Cody Doyle(152), Colt Doyle (160), and Chris Bailey (170). Coach Wayne Branstetter, whose Poway teams have claimed four state titles during his tenure, explains how winning state never gets old: “Once you’ve tasted winning state, there’s no letting up. There is tremendous sacrifice to reach that goal but along the way, great things happen to these boys to become all that they can – and that plays well into the rest of their lives. But that is the ultimate goal … if we do that, we ALL win.”

GILROY, CC – Winners of the past dozen Central Coast titles, the Hawks are seeking a 10th consecutive top-10 finish at state – with ambitions of breaking into the top 3 for the first time since their runner-up performance in 2008. They rely heavily on two top-ranked seniors: two-time champ Nikko Villarreal (145) and Paul Fox (152), who is pursuing state gold after back-to-back runner-up finishes. Jesse Vasquez (126), Victor Olmos (132), and the Penyacsek twins, Matt and Mark (170 and 182) will make a strong push towards state podium. Coach Greg Varela wants his group to treat every match as if it was their last: “Every time we step on the mat, I want our kids to be inspired and do their best. We want them all to medal this weekend and we are coming here to win it.”

CLOVIS WEST, C – Ranked #37 in the country, the Golden Eagles have logged serious mileage to prepare for the state meet – including titles at the Eastern States tournament in New York and Sierra Nevada Classic in Reno. Frequent clashes with rivals Clovis and Buchanan during the past month – in league duals and finals, divisionals, and sectionals – have primed the team for state success. Leading their efforts is a powerful senior core featuring three returning state medalists, Mike Knoblauch (126), Chris Garcia (145), and Cortes Morales (220). Chris Marin (106), Christopher Lane (138), and Tyler Zimmer (152) should also contend for state medals. Coach Ian Shaw feels this year’s team will contend: “Our goal at the beginning of the year was to win a state title and I think with some help from other schools, it’s not impossible. We have traveled over 11,000 miles this year – so we’ve wrestled the toughest schedule in the state and are as prepared as we can be. Our kids expect to win and they expect their teammates to win.”

VACAVILLE, SJ – Fresh off their 16th Sac Joaquin title, the Bulldogsqualified eight wrestlers for the state meet – including 5 sectionfinalists. Vacaville looks to improve upon a third place finish in 2013 and leading the charge are defending state champion,Jeramy Sweany (220) and returning finalist Gionn Peralta (120).The Bulldogs, ranked #46 in the country, will also lean on Jordan Aquino (106) Anthony Hernandez (126), Hayden Fry (145),Bobby Ehman (132), Steve Gomez (195), and Mike McCauley(285) to provide strong performances. Coach Adam Wight believes his team is ready for the state grind: “Our primary goal is to make sure all our kids are reaching their goals. I think every one of them who is going to Bakersfield believes he can be on the podium. As a team, we want to bring home a plaque – our program has never done that in back-to-back years.”

BUCHANAN, C – The Bears qualified 11 wrestlers to the state meet and not one is a senior. This bodes well for a potential state title run in 2015 but don’t mistaken youth for inexperience – ranked #36 in the country, Buchanan is ready to make an impact this year.Eight wrestlers already have previous state experience and several are expected to make the leap into the medal rounds.Coach Troy Tirapelle’s squad features returning medalist Durbin Lloren (113) will challenge for a state crown. Talented teammates Greg Gaxiola (126), Kyler Hansen (132), Conner Francis (145),Abner Romero (152), Young Woo An (182), and Kai Dill (195) are well positioned to capture their first state medals.

Other teams to watch include SANTIAGO-CORONA (Southern), FOLSOM (Sac Joaquin), ST. JOHN BOSCO (Southern), MODESTO (San Joaquin), BAKERSFIELD (Central), SULTANA (Southern), and NORTHVIEW (Southern).


Nationally-ranked Clovis freshman Justin Mejia (Clovis, Fr.) assumes the role of #1 with seven season titles, including the prestigious Top Gun Alliance tournament in Ohio. Great rivalries abound at this weight class, particularly among the Central, Southern, and Sac Joaquin sections. An extremely talented Central contingent follows Mejia, including runner-up Joey Cisneros (Redwood, Sr.), who has finished in the top 12 in two previous trips to state. Cisneros was also runner-up at the 2013 Junior Nationals in both freestyle and Greco Roman. The third, fourth, and fifth place medalists may figure prominently this weekend: Navonte Demison (Bakersfield, Fr.), Chris Marin (Clovis West, Sr.), and David Campbell (Mission Oak, So.). The South boasts an outstanding crew that will fight for spots on the podium Saturday night including champ David Gonzalez (San Dimas, Jr.), runner-up Zander Silva (Alta Loma, Fr.), two-time state qualifier Michael Rangel (Calvary Chapel, Jr.), Cadet All-AmericanRandon Miranda (Quartz Hill, Jr.), three-time state qualifier Chris Lacayo (Santiago, Sr.) – who was a preseason favorite and Junior National Folkstyle champion – and Richard Casillas(Northview, So.). Sac Joaquin contends with champ and Cadet Folkstyle All-American Jordan Aquino (Vacaville, Jr.), section runner-up and Junior Nationals All-American Christian Ramos(Benicia, Jr.), and Isaac Blackburn (Del Oro, Sr.). Ramos and Blackburn are making their second state appearances. Others to watch include Temecula Valley titlist Logan Eaton(Oakdale, Jr.), two-time state qualifier and North Coast champ Donovin Guerrero (De La Salle, So), three-time Central Coast champ Jimmie Lopez (Christopher, Sr.), San Diego champKai Kramer (La Costa Canyon, So.), and a pair of three-time state qualifiers from the Northern section, two-time champ Morgan Sauseda (Chico, Jr.), and three-time runner-up Hugo Punzo (Orland, Sr.).

Please fasten your seat belts – this is going to be wild ride! With five returning state medalists, parity definitely defines this weight class. Returning state champion and NHSCA bronze medalistAdrian Camposano (Central, Sr.) moves up a weight in hopes of repeating his gold medal performance of 2013. He will be challenged by fellow returning state medalists Vincent Elizalde (Brawley, Sr.), Durbin Lloren (Buchanan, So.), Perez Perez (Windsor, Sr.), andNico Colunga (Oakdale, Jr.). Elizalde is a four-time state qualifier and also an NHSCA All-American. Lloren is a Flo Nationals All-American who wrestled up a weight at Doc Buchanan and won the title and Outstanding Wrestler award. North Coast champ Perez is a three-time state qualifier who also placed at both Cadet and Junior Nationals events in Folkstyle and Greco Roman. Colunga is a three-time state qualifier who recently won his first Sac Joaquin crown.Matt Gamble (Monache, Sr.) is a three-time state qualifier who may challenge for the state title. A Junior Nationals All-American, he has beaten Lloren in two of three match-ups this season. Freshman sensation JJ Figueroa (Bakersfield, Fr.) may be the most dangerous of the Central competitors – considering he beat Camposano (for the second time this year) and Gamble on route to an inspired Central title.Rounding out the Central qualifiers are talentedTristan Gilliland (Clovis, Jr.) and Robert Garcia (Selma, Fr.). Other medal contenders include two-time North Coast finalist Jared Luty (American, So.), Southern champ Dean Parker (Centennial, Sr.), three-time state qualifier Vincent Parra (Northview, Sr.), two-time state qualifier Julian Gendreau (St. John Bosco, Sr.), Sac Joaquin runner-up Devon Turner(Dixon, So.), and Southern runner-up Alex Nunez (Alta Loma, Fr.), who is peaking at the right time.

The Sac Joaquin section returns serious firepower at this weight: state champion Israel Saavedra (Modesto, So.) and state runner-up Gionn Peralta (Vacaville, Sr.). Though still early in his career, Saavedra is on the path for four state titles, a feat only accomplished by one wrestler in state history. The three-time Flo Nationals medalist and two-time Super 32 placer has his hands full with a deep and talented draw. Section nemesis Peralta looks to become a four-time state medalist and more importantly, win his first state title. He lost a close 2-1 decision to Saavedra in a divisional tournament two weekends ago. With upset on his mind, Southern champ Evan Wick (San Marino, So.) looks to spoil the Sac Joaquin plans – he barely missed out on the medal rounds last year and took 5th at Cadet Nationals in Folkstyle. Central champ Julian Gaytan (Clovis, Sr.) was a 2012 state medalist and making his third straight state appearance. Central runner-up Carlos Herrera (Bakersfield, So.) is making his second trip to state and is a NHSCA All-American. Other medal hopefuls include two-time state qualifierKimo Dial (Poway, Sr.), Southern runner-up Yoshito Funakoshi (West Torrance, Sr.), Southern bronze Miles Avila-Johnson (Bloomington, Sr.), three-time state qualifier and returning medalist Roy Galvan (La Quinta, Sr.), and three-time state qualifier and North Coast champ Jacob Donato (James Logan, Sr.). Don’t count out Central Coast champ Carlos Anaya(North Monterey County, Sr.), two-time state qualifier Curtis Booth (Folsom, So.), Anthony Wesley (Jesuit, Jr.), and two highly decorated first-year wrestlers in Isaiah Palomino(Bellarmine, Fr.) and Jacob Wright (Dinuba, Fr.).

Two returning state champions headline this stacked weight –Mason Pengilly (Porterville, Sr.) and Johnny Parada (San Fernando, Sr.). Stanford-bound Pengilly can join rarefied company with a fourth state medal and the two-time Flo Nationals placer and Cadet and Junior Freestyle All-American is a slight favorite going in. Parada, a three-time Los Angeles City champ, will try to recreate the magic of last year’s run, where he upset the #1, #4, and #7 ranked wrestlers on route to a historic state title. Both champions will be challenged by Central champ Michael Knoblauch (Clovis West, Sr.), a returning bronze medalist and four-time state qualifier. He is in top form, having upset Pengilly in the Central finals – after dropping three earlier matches to his Porterville rival. Khristian Olivas (Clovis, Jr.) placed 4th in 2013 and his season resume is impressive – runner-up at Doc Buchanan wrestling at 132 (where he beat Parada 5-4) and 2nd at the Alliance Top Gun tournament in Ohio. Sac Joaquin champ Angel Velasquez (Modesto, Jr.) makes his much-anticipated first state appearance and is a medal contender. The Flo Nationals All-American has one-point losses to Pengilly (at Doc Buchanan) and Knoblauch (at Tim Brown). Others vying for a spot on the state podium are returning medalist Danny Ruiz(Madera, Sr.), Southern champ and Cadet Nationals Folkstyle titlist Zander Wick (San Marino, So.), a pair of talented three-time state qualifiers in Sac Joaquin champ Anthony Hernandez(Vacaville, Jr.) and Josh Villaflor (Franklin, Jr.), two-time state qualifier Rafael Herrera(Turlock, Sr.), and Northern champ Kenny Jones (Lassen, So.).

Considering the pedigree of the competitors, this weight may very well be the toughest in CA. The favorite is Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, Jr.), currently the top-ranked 132 pounder in the country. On top of a state title and runner-up finish during his first two years, Valencia is also a three-time winner of the Walsh Ironman in Ohio – considered the nation’s toughest tournament.Several competitors will try to knock Valencia off his lofty perch.Three-time Northern champ Wyatt Wyckoff (Paradise, Jr.) is a returning state finalist and with seven tournament titles under his belt, fights for a return trip under the spotlight. The Central section features several potential medalists including champ and three-time state qualifier Matt Ontiveros (Central, Sr.), runner-up Jaden Enriquez (Mission Oak, Fr.), three-time finalist and two-time state medalist Isaiah Hokit (Clovis, Jr.), Five Counties champion Ruben Garcia(Selma, So.), and Armand Molina (Firebaugh, Jr.), a two-time state qualifier who is also a Cadet All-American. Also watch out for three-time state qualifier Kyler Hansen (Buchanan, Jr.) who recently defeated Molina, Hokit, and Garcia and appears primed for a deep run. Representing the Southern section is runner-up and returning medalist Julian Flores (San Marino, So.) – Flores gave Valencia his closest match this year in a 1-0 loss at Doc Buchanan. Freshman sensation Anthony Mantanona (Palm Desert, Fr.) has split matches against Flores and broke through with an impressive 3rd place medal at Doc Buchanan. Rounding out the Southern core are Peter Cunningham (Calvary Chapel, Sr.) and Joshy Cortez (Temecula Valley, Jr.), who have combined for five state appearances. The North Coast features two talented, three-time state qualifiers: Virginia-bound Tom Yozzo (Amador Valley, Sr.) andNathan Cervantes (De La Salle, Jr.), a Cadet All-American. Also watch for Josh Lazaro(Folsom, Sr.), two-time state qualifier Alex Elko (Jesuit, So.), and three-time Central Coast champ Victor Olmos (Gilroy, Sr.).

This exceptionally deep weight features 21 competitors with previous state appearances. Top-ranked Mike Longo (Santiago, Sr.) – a Cadet Nationals Greco-Roman finalist and Junior All-American – made a splash on national scene with a 3rd place finish at the Walsh Ironman. Making his fourth trip to the state meet, Longo has gold in his sights after a 6th place finish last year. Southern rival Uzo Owuama (Bloomington, Sr.) is an explosive wrestler who claimed titles at Doc Buchanan and Temecula Valley, among six other tournament titles. Calvary Chapel may have their next great wrestler in talented Luke Troy (Calvary Chapel, Fr.), who beat Ouwama in the Southern semifinals. Three-time Flo Nationals medalist Emilio Saavedra(Modesto, Sr.) seeks a third state medal after finishing 3rd and 4th as a freshman and sophomore. Unable to compete last year, Saavedra will make up for lost time and challenge for a state title. Two-time San Diego champ Sergio Enloe (Poway, Sr.) has a pair of one-point losses to Owuama this season and was a state quarter finalist last season. Returning state medalist and Cal Poly-bound Abel Contreras (Porterville, Jr.) fights for another state medal, as will two-time state qualifier McCoy Kent (Enochs, Jr.), two-time state qualifier Mario Lopez(Rowland, Sr.), two-time North Coast champ Jacob Macalolooy (James Logan, Sr.), and Central champ Christopher Lane (Clovis West, So.), who has displayed his potential by beating Contreras twice this season. Also keep an eye out for Dominic Hernandez (Canyon Springs, Sr.), Cadet Nationals Folkstyle All-American Joseph Dominguez (St. John Bosco, Jr.), three-time state qualifier Tyler Lawrence (Escalon, Sr.), Sac Joaquin runner-up Brandon Claiborne (Del Oro, So.), and talented Central Coast champ David San Miguel (Bellarmine, Fr.).

A true student of the game, Nikko Villarreal (Gilroy, Sr.) has enjoyed immense success throughout his career in California and the nation. The Arizona State-bound star recently became a four-time Central Coast champion and is looking forward to claiming his third state title this weekend. Many will never forget his sophomore title, when Villarreal denied Selma great Alex Cisneros from his fourth state title in the waning seconds of the third period. Right behind Villarreal is two-time San Diego champ Ralph Tovar (Poway, Jr.) whose only in-state loss was to Villarreal in the Temecula Valley finals. A pair of wrestlers with previous state success will look to dethrone Villarreal – Sac Joaquin champ and two-time NHSCA All-AmericanLorenzo De La Riva (Folsom, Jr.) and two-time state medalist and Central champ Chris Garcia (Clovis West, Sr.). Garcia lost a close 5-3 decision to Villarreal in the Doc Buchanan finals. Other wrestlers to keep an eye on are Five Counties champ and three-time state qualifierConner Francis (Buchanan, Jr.), talented two-time Southern champ Justin Thomas(Santiago, Sr.), who placed 4th CA last year as a freshman, two-time Sac Joaquin finalistHayden Fry (Vacaville, Sr.), and two-time San Diego finalist Alex McIntyre (La Costa Canyon, Jr.). Also watch for three-time state qualifier Gino Roman (El Dorado, Sr.), two-time state qualifier Carter Armendarez (Temecula Valley, Sr.), and Southern finalist Nigel Ruiz(Bishop Amat, Jr.).

To be considered the best, you have to beat the best. That’s what North Coast champ PJ Klee(Cardinal Newman, Sr.) has been doing all year long in the Golden State. A past member of the 33-time National Champions Blair Academy (New Jersey), Klee has placed or won most major events around the nation – including NHSCA nationals twice. The only thing missing in his trophy case is a coveted state championship. The same could be said about Stanford-boundPaul Fox (Gilroy, Sr.), who has finished runner-up the past two years. A four-time Central Coast champ and Flo Nationals All-American, Fox would like to join the same exclusive club as his older brother Willie, who won the 2012 state title. A trio of Central wrestlers should make an impact – champ Dominic Kincaid (Clovis, Jr.), Flo Nationals All-American Tyler Zimmer(Clovis West, Sr.) who finished a match shy of the medal rounds the past two years, and Five Counties champion Abner Romero (Buchanan, So.). Rivals Kincaid and Zimmer have met five times this year, with Zimmer coming up on top three times. A wrestler with great wrestling genes is Nolan Kistler (ML King, Sr.), a returning state medalist making his third state appearance. He will look to redeem himself after placing 3rd in the tough Southern section. Other wrestlers who cannot be overlooked are Southern champ and two-time state qualifierRicky Padilla (Northview, Jr.), Southern giant-killer Caleb Wilson (Hemet, Jr.), and three top competitors from San Diego – champ Cody Doyle (Poway, Sr.), Ken Moore (Hoover, Jr.), and two-time state qualifier Joseph Granger (Rancho Buena Vista, Sr.). Also watch for two-time Central Coast runner-up Alex Garcia (Christopher, Sr.) whose only losses this season has been to Fox.

After the unexpected result in the Southern section, where the state #1 and #3 wrestlers were beaten, two-time San Diego champ Alexander Graves (San Marcos, Sr.) looks to be the favorite to engrave his name in the CIF record books as a champion this weekend. Graves, a three-time state qualifier and returning 5th, has won six titles, with his only loss to a non-state wrestler. A trio of Southern competitors will fight for the state title – Five Counties champ and returning medalist Freddie Garcia (Santiago, Sr.) beat his two heralded rivals at the Southern finals. Bryan Salinas (Northview, Sr.), a four time state qualifier, owns two state medals (4th and 8th) and is also a NHSCA champion and Cadet All-American in Freestyle and Greco Roman. Returning state medalist and Cadet All-American Aaron Negrette (Calvary Chapel, Sr.) will also contend for the title. Central champ Josh Hokit (Clovis, So.) dropped close matches to Negrette, Salinas, and Garcia this season and will look to break through this weekend. Other contenders include Sac Joaquin champ Kaleio Romero (Oakmont, Sr.) – whose only loss this season was to Hokit at Mission San Jose – two-time state qualifier Nick Callender (Clovis East, Sr.), two-time Central Coast champ Bryan Battisto (Harbor, Sr.), three-time Northern champ and Cadet All-American John Leal (Chico, Sr.), two-time San Diego runner-up Colt Doyle (Poway, Jr.), three-time state qualifier Michael Wright (Dinuba, Jr.), and Sac Joaquin runner-up Logan Wolfley (Pitman, Sr.).

With his unstoppable blast double-leg takedown, stamina, and speed, this wrestler has been a pleasure to watch and followed all season long. A three-time Southern champ and two-time state finalist (including state champ in 2012), Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, Jr.) is the clear favorite to win his second state title. This year, he won the prestigious Doc Buchanan and Walsh Ironman titles in dominating fashion. Valencia is a ten-time medalist at national-level events in Freestyle, Greco Roman, and Folkstyle – and will be extremely hard to beat. The favorite to meet Valencia under the spotlight is Bryce Martin (Bakersfield, Sr.), who is a returning state medalist and NHSCA All-American. His only blemish this season was a finals loss to Valencia at Doc Buchanan. Central Coast champ Matt Penyacsek (Gilroy, Jr.) is making his first trip to state and is having a strong season – 3rd at Doc Buchanan and runner-up at Temecula Valley. Two-time Central runner-up Austin Flores (Clovis North, Jr.) and two-time state qualifier Brody Brand (Clovis, Sr.) are strong candidates for the state podium. Five Counties champion Christian Smith (Rim of the World, Sr.) – whose cousin Greg Smith was a state champion in 2000 – is an NHSCA All-American and Southern runner-up. Other wrestlers to watch are Sac Joaquin champion Will Sumner (Nevada Union, Sr.), Chris Moran (Sanger, Sr.), Seth Morales (Bonita, Sr.), San Diego champ Chris Bailey (Poway, So.), and two-time state qualifier Albino Orozco (Turlock, Sr.).

Rated among the top 5 in the country at this weight is returning state finalist and 3-time NHSCA All-American Nick Fiegener (Folsom, Sr.). Among his eight tournament wins are titles at Doc Buchanan and Temecula Valley – he also placed 3rd at Walsh Ironman. Busy in the off season, the Cal Poly-bound Fiegener was runner-up at Cadet Nationals in Greco Roman in 2012. In what could be a well-deserved battle between two returning state runner-ups, the #2 wrestler at this weight is Corey Griego (Sultana, Sr.), a three-time state qualifier who placed 2nd and 5th the previous two years. Trying to solve the Fiegener puzzle, Griego has dropped three close matches to his rival – at Walsh Ironman (where he placed 5th), Doc Buchanan, and Temecula Valley. Two other returning medalists will look for shinier medals in 2013 – Central champ Alec Gamboa (Madera, Jr.) placed 6th last year while Southern runner-up and Five Counties champ Johnny Beltran (Servite, Sr.) finished 7th. The tough Central is well represented with Gamboa and three two-time state qualifiers in Isaac Rangel (Firebaugh, Sr.), Young Woo An(Buchanan, Jr.), and Carlos Montejo (Frontier, Sr.). Also, up-and-comer AJ Nevills (Clovis, So.) will ride the momentum of a Central runner-up finish as he makes his first trip to state. Other medal hopefuls include Sac Joaquin runner-up Skyler Gonzalez (Rocklin, Sr.), Central Coast champ Mark Penyacsek (Gilroy, Jr.), two-time state qualifier and North Coast champNathan Morris (Redwood, Sr.), and Tristin Sutton (Hemet, Jr.), who placed 3rd at Temecula Valley.

The lone returning medalist is two-time North Coast champ Clayton Hartwell (James Logan, Sr.), but the leader here is two-time San Diego champ and Princeton-bound Ian Baker (La Costa Canyon, Sr.). Winner of the 2013 NHSCA title at 182 pounds, Baker has not lost to an in-state opponent this year. He has also posted impressive victories over Hartwell and rival Dylan Bollinger (Sultana, Sr.). Southern champ Bollinger is a two-time state qualifier and was runner-up at both Doc Buchanan and Temecula Valley. The Central section should figure prominently in the medal rounds with several high-profile competitors. Matt Weiss (Clovis, Sr.) won his first Central crown after finishing runner-up his previous two seasons. He won the Doc Buchanan title and placed third at Alliance Top Gun in Ohio. His only in-state loss was to Hartwell at Mission San Jose. Runner-up and Naval Academy-bound Josh Bailey (Frontier, Sr.), Kai Dill (Buchanan, Jr.), Ritchie Ybarra-Brandt (Liberty-Madera, Jr.), and Jacob Lopez(Ridgeview, Jr.) all are making return trips to the state meet. Brandt-Ybarra finished third at Doc Buchanan, including a win over Hartwell. Other medal hopefuls include undefeated Joey Banks (Franklin, Sr.), who was a match shy of placing in 2013 and recently won the Sac Joaquin title, two-time state qualifier Oscar Martinez (Centennial, Sr.), Sac Joaquin runner-upErik Medina (Jesuit, Sr.), two-time Northern champ Hayden Kaae (Etna, Sr.),and two-time Central Coast champ Chandler Ramirez (Mitty, Sr.).

The clear-cut favorite here is defending state champion and Cornell-bound Jeramy Sweany(Vacaville, Sr.), who is a two-time NHSCA All-American, Flo Nationals runner-up, and Cadet and Junior Greco Roman All-American. A three-time state medalist, Sweany claimed both the Reno TOC and Temecula Valley for the second year in a row. A formidable trio of returning state medalists will challenge for a potential finals showdown, including two-time Central champ and NHSCA All-American Gabriel Gonzalez (Washington Union, Sr.), Central runner-up Cortes Morales (Clovis West, Sr.) and 3-time Northern champ Victor Raigoza (Orland, Sr.). Representing the Los Angeles section is two-time champ Daniel Pena (Birmingham, Sr.). Other contenders include two-time San Diego champ Miracle Tausaga (Mt. Miguel, Sr.), who was a match away from a state medal in 2013, and two-time Central Coast champ and three-time state qualifier Graham Grant (Saratoga, Sr.). Keep an eye out for David Van Weems(Centennial, Jr.) who recently beat his section’s #1, 3, 4, and 5 ranked wrestlers to win the Southern title, including two-time state qualifier Miguel Ruiz (Pioneer Valley, Sr.) in the finals. Also watch for Sac Joaquin runner-up and two-time state qualifier Dominic Freesha (Escalon, Sr.) Jeff Holsinger (Santa Margarita, Sr.), and North Coast champ Quentin Wright(Alhambra, Sr.).

This weight features one of the elite wrestlers in the country – undefeated and Penn State-bound Nick Nevills (Clovis, Sr.), who is looking to cement his legacy as the greatest upper-weight in CA history. A two-time Flo Nationals finalist (2013 champion), Nevills has positioned himself to earn a rare fourth state medal – if achieved, he and his older brother Zach (2009-2012) would become the first set of brothers to each win four medals. Standing between Nevills and his third state title are a pair of worthy competitors from Southern California. Southern champ Nour Abdullatif (Roosevelt, Sr.) is a two-time state medalist (3rd and 6th) and is currently undefeated this season. Chance Eskam (Carlsbad, Sr.) is a three-time San Diego champ and finished 6th last year – he also was runner-up to Nevills at Doc Buchanan. The Sac Joaquin provides a strong duo in section champ Dominic Balmer (Woodcreek, Jr.) and runner-up Jake Minshew (Casa Roble, Jr.), a two-time state qualifier who has earned seven tournament titles this season. Wrestling in the shadow of Nevills all season are Central runner-up Jose Alvarez (Selma, Jr.) and Robert Barrios (Sierra Pacific, Sr.) – both were a win away from the medal rounds at last year’s state meet. The Southern section will pin their medal hopes on Abdullatif, runner-up Abe Ochoa (Yorba Linda, Jr.), Jose Ballesteros (Laguna Hills, Sr.), and two-time state qualifier Jesse Gomez (Buena Park, Sr.). Others to watch include Central Coast champ Gary Miltenberger (Fremont, Sr.), San Diego runner-up Lance Angulo(Holtville, Sr.), and North Coast champ Pablo Gonzalez (Ukiah, Sr.).

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