BAKERSFIELD, CA – The California wrestling community makes it’s annual pilgrimage to Bakersfield, California, for the best state wrestling tournament in the country (probably the world). Largest state in the country, one class. Beautiful. Click the thumbnail below to see the photos. Full results below.

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106 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JONATHAN PRATA of Downey (ss)
2nd Place – EDDIE FLORES of Northview (ss)
3rd Place – ANTONIO LORENZO of Del Oro (sj)
4th Place – COLE REYES of Frontier (cs)
5th Place – AARON NAGAO of Esperanza (ss)
6th Place – GIANO PETRUCELLI of Clovis (cs)
7th Place – IZZY TUBERA of Pitman (sj)
8th Place – JACOB ALLEN of Poway (sd)
1st Place Match
JONATHAN PRATA (Downey (ss)) 5-0, Jr. over EDDIE FLORES (Northview (ss)) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 8-1).
3rd Place Match
ANTONIO LORENZO (Del Oro (sj)) 6-1, So. over COLE REYES (Frontier (cs)) 5-2, So. (Dec 8-1).
5th Place Match
AARON NAGAO (Esperanza (ss)) 5-2, Fr. over GIANO PETRUCELLI (Clovis (cs)) 5-3, Fr. (Dec 8-1).
7th Place Match
IZZY TUBERA (Pitman (sj)) 5-2, Fr. over JACOB ALLEN (Poway (sd)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 6-2).

113 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JESSE VASQUEZ of St. John Bosco (ss)
2nd Place – NICOLAS AGUILAR of Gilroy (cc)
3rd Place – MATTHEW OLGUIN of Buchanan (cs)
4th Place – DEVIN MURPHY of Clovis North (cs)
5th Place – CARSON SAURIOL of Poway (sd)
6th Place – BRANDON PAULSON of Clovis (cs)
7th Place – MATT HRUBY of Vacaville (sj)
8th Place – ANTHONY PACHECO of Sanger (cs)
1st Place Match
JESSE VASQUEZ (St. John Bosco (ss)) 5-0, Fr. over NICOLAS AGUILAR (Gilroy (cc)) 5-1, Jr. (Dec 6-5).
3rd Place Match
MATTHEW OLGUIN (Buchanan (cs)) 6-1, So. over DEVIN MURPHY (Clovis North (cs)) 4-2, Fr. (Inj. 1:00).
5th Place Match
CARSON SAURIOL (Poway (sd)) 5-2, So. over BRANDON PAULSON (Clovis (cs)) 6-3, So. (Dec 5-3).
7th Place Match
MATT HRUBY (Vacaville (sj)) 6-2, Sr. over ANTHONY PACHECO (Sanger (cs)) 4-3, Sr. (Inj. 0:00).

120 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – CLEVELAND BELTON of Temescal Canyon (ss)
2nd Place – SIDNEY FLORES of Bishop Amat (ss)
3rd Place – LUCIANO ARROYO of Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss)
4th Place – ETHAN LEAKE of Buchanan (cs)
5th Place – GREG VILORIA of West (sj)
6th Place – CHANCE RICH of Valencia/V (ss)
7th Place – PATRICK RAMIREZ of De La Salle (nc)
8th Place – ALEX NUNEZ of Alta Loma (ss)
1st Place Match
CLEVELAND BELTON (Temescal Canyon (ss)) 5-0, So. over SIDNEY FLORES (Bishop Amat (ss)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 8-3).
3rd Place Match
LUCIANO ARROYO (Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss)) 5-1, So. over ETHAN LEAKE (Buchanan (cs)) 4-2, Jr. (Dec 6-4).
5th Place Match
GREG VILORIA (West (sj)) 5-2, Sr. over CHANCE RICH (Valencia/V (ss)) 5-3, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
7th Place Match
PATRICK RAMIREZ (De La Salle (nc)) 4-2, Sr. over ALEX NUNEZ (Alta Loma (ss)) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 8-3).

126 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JUSTIN MEJIA of Clovis (cs)
2nd Place – ROBERT GARCIA of Selma (cs)
3rd Place – JADEN ABAS of Rancho Bernardo (sd)
4th Place – ISAIAH PEREZ of Dinuba (cs)
5th Place – CHASE ZOLLMANN of Poway (sd)
6th Place – DAWSON SIHAVONG of Bullard (cs)
7th Place – TYLER DEEN of Buchanan (cs)
8th Place – ELIJAH PALACIO of Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss)
1st Place Match
JUSTIN MEJIA (Clovis (cs)) 5-0, Sr. over ROBERT GARCIA (Selma (cs)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 3-2).
3rd Place Match
JADEN ABAS (Rancho Bernardo (sd)) 5-1, So. over ISAIAH PEREZ (Dinuba (cs)) 4-2, Sr. (MD 10-2).
5th Place Match
CHASE ZOLLMANN (Poway (sd)) 5-2, Jr. over DAWSON SIHAVONG (Bullard (cs)) 4-3, So. (Dec 2-0).
7th Place Match
TYLER DEEN (Buchanan (cs)) 4-2, So. over ELIJAH PALACIO (Calvary Chapel/Sa (ss)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 3-2).

132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – GARY JOINT of Lemoore (cs)
2nd Place – ELIJAH OZUNA of Frontier (cs)
3rd Place – ALEX FELIX of Gilroy (cc)
4th Place – CHRIS DELOZA of Clovis North (cs)
5th Place – SCOTTY KIYONO of Poway (sd)
6th Place – RICKY TORRES of Oakdale (sj)
7th Place – DALTON LAKMANN of Foothill (ns)
8th Place – RAY CORDOVA of Alta Loma (ss)
1st Place Match
GARY JOINT (Lemoore (cs)) 6-0, Sr. over ELIJAH OZUNA (Frontier (cs)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 3-0).
3rd Place Match
ALEX FELIX (Gilroy (cc)) 6-1, Jr. over CHRIS DELOZA (Clovis North (cs)) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 8-1).
5th Place Match
SCOTTY KIYONO (Poway (sd)) 6-2, Sr. over RICKY TORRES (Oakdale (sj)) 5-3, So. (MD 11-2).
7th Place Match
DALTON LAKMANN (Foothill (ns)) 5-2, Jr. over RAY CORDOVA (Alta Loma (ss)) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 2:36).

138 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – JADEN ENRIQUEZ of Mission Oak (cs)
2nd Place – BERNIE TRUAX of Rancho Buena Vista (sd)
3rd Place – TONY MENDOZA of Selma (cs)
4th Place – LAWRENCE SAENZ of Vacaville (sj)
5th Place – STEVEN ABBATE of Central Catholic (sj)
6th Place – JJ FIGUEROA of Bakersfield (cs)
7th Place – ALEJANDRO RAYA of Yucaipa (ss)
8th Place – JOE ROMERO of Lemoore (cs)
1st Place Match
JADEN ENRIQUEZ (Mission Oak (cs)) 6-0, Sr. over BERNIE TRUAX (Rancho Buena Vista (sd)) 4-1, Jr. (MD 16-6).
3rd Place Match
TONY MENDOZA (Selma (cs)) 7-1, Jr. over LAWRENCE SAENZ (Vacaville (sj)) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 7-1).
5th Place Match
STEVEN ABBATE (Central Catholic (sj)) 6-2, Sr. over JJ FIGUEROA (Bakersfield (cs)) 4-3, Sr. (Inj. 3:00).
7th Place Match
ALEJANDRO RAYA (Yucaipa (ss)) 4-2, Sr. over JOE ROMERO (Lemoore (cs)) 5-3, Jr. (MD 10-0).

145 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – NAVONTE DEMISON of Bakersfield (cs)
2nd Place – JACK RAMALIA of Granite Bay (sj)
3rd Place – ZANDER SILVA of Alta Loma (ss)
4th Place – JACOB WRIGHT of Dinuba (cs)
5th Place – BRANDON ESPARZA of M.l. King (ss)
6th Place – PEYTON OMANIA of De La Salle (nc)
7th Place – TROY MANTANONA of Palm Desert (ss)
8th Place – DOMONIC MATA of Poway (sd)
1st Place Match
NAVONTE DEMISON (Bakersfield (cs)) 6-0, Sr. over JACK RAMALIA (Granite Bay (sj)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
ZANDER SILVA (Alta Loma (ss)) 5-1, Sr. over JACOB WRIGHT (Dinuba (cs)) 5-2, Sr. (Dec 8-3).
5th Place Match
BRANDON ESPARZA (M.l. King (ss)) 5-2, Sr. over PEYTON OMANIA (De La Salle (nc)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
7th Place Match
TROY MANTANONA (Palm Desert (ss)) 4-2, So. over DOMONIC MATA (Poway (sd)) 3-3, Fr. (Dec 8-5).

152 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – QUENTIN HOVIS of Poway (sd)
2nd Place – JOSHUA KIM of Santiago/C (ss)
3rd Place – DAVID SAN MIGUEL of Bellarmine (cc)
4th Place – NOAH BLAKE of Del Oro (sj)
5th Place – ERIK SALCIDO of Rancho Bernardo (sd)
6th Place – FERNANDO LANZA of Benicia (sj)
7th Place – JONATHAN GARCIA of Frontier (cs)
8th Place – TROY MADRIGAL of Servite (ss)
1st Place Match
QUENTIN HOVIS (Poway (sd)) 6-0, Sr. over JOSHUA KIM (Santiago/C (ss)) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
DAVID SAN MIGUEL (Bellarmine (cc)) 5-1, Sr. over NOAH BLAKE (Del Oro (sj)) 5-2, So. (Dec 5-1).
5th Place Match
ERIK SALCIDO (Rancho Bernardo (sd)) 5-2, Sr. over FERNANDO LANZA (Benicia (sj)) 6-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
7th Place Match
JONATHAN GARCIA (Frontier (cs)) 4-2, Sr. over TROY MADRIGAL (Servite (ss)) 5-3, Jr. (Fall 1:39).

160 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – BRANDON MARTINO of Clovis (cs)
2nd Place – JOEL ROMERO of Buchanan (cs)
3rd Place – AARON OLMOS of Mater Dei Catholic (sd)
4th Place – BRONSON HARMON of Oakdale (sj)
5th Place – HAMPTON BOYD of Poway (sd)
6th Place – RICKY GONZALEZ of Bakersfield (cs)
7th Place – OSCAR DIAZ of Selma (cs)
8th Place – JOSEPH BARNES of Gilroy (cc)
1st Place Match
BRANDON MARTINO (Clovis (cs)) 6-0, Sr. over JOEL ROMERO (Buchanan (cs)) 4-1, Jr. (Dec 6-3).
3rd Place Match
AARON OLMOS (Mater Dei Catholic (sd)) 5-1, Sr. over BRONSON HARMON (Oakdale (sj)) 5-2, Jr. (Dec 3-2).
5th Place Match
HAMPTON BOYD (Poway (sd)) 5-2, Sr. over RICKY GONZALEZ (Bakersfield (cs)) 5-3, Sr. (TB-1 4-2).
7th Place Match
OSCAR DIAZ (Selma (cs)) 5-2, Jr. over JOSEPH BARNES (Gilroy (cc)) 4-3, So. (Dec 3-2).

170 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – ANTHONY MANTANONA of Palm Desert (ss)
2nd Place – ABEL GARCIA of Oakdale (sj)
3rd Place – STEVEN COMSTOCK of Northview (ss)
4th Place – ISAIAH PEREZ of Pitman (sj)
5th Place – CHRISTIAN RODRIGUEZ of Selma (cs)
6th Place – VICTOR VARGAS of Clovis (cs)
7th Place – JOEY GRIEGO of Sultana (ss)
8th Place – JEAN LEBOSNOYANI of Mira Costa (ss)
1st Place Match
ANTHONY MANTANONA (Palm Desert (ss)) 5-0, Sr. over ABEL GARCIA (Oakdale (sj)) 4-1, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
3rd Place Match
STEVEN COMSTOCK (Northview (ss)) 5-1, Jr. over ISAIAH PEREZ (Pitman (sj)) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 5-4).
5th Place Match
CHRISTIAN RODRIGUEZ (Selma (cs)) 4-2, So. over VICTOR VARGAS (Clovis (cs)) 5-3, Sr. (UTB 3-2).
7th Place Match
JOEY GRIEGO (Sultana (ss)) 4-2, Sr. over JEAN LEBOSNOYANI (Mira Costa (ss)) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 3:57).

182 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – ANTHONY MONTALVO of Buchanan (cs)
2nd Place – COLBEY HARLAN of Oakdale (sj)
3rd Place – JOSH LOOMER of Cajon (ss)
4th Place – SAM LOERA of Bakersfield (cs)
5th Place – NATHAN TAUSCH of Poway (sd)
6th Place – ANGEL SOLIS of Lemoore (cs)
7th Place – CODY RENTFRO of Hilmar (sj)
8th Place – WILLEM DEBOER of Frontier (cs)
1st Place Match
ANTHONY MONTALVO (Buchanan (cs)) 6-0, Jr. over COLBEY HARLAN (Oakdale (sj)) 5-1, Jr. (Dec 5-3).
3rd Place Match
JOSH LOOMER (Cajon (ss)) 5-1, Sr. over SAM LOERA (Bakersfield (cs)) 4-2, Sr. (Dec 4-3).
5th Place Match
NATHAN TAUSCH (Poway (sd)) 6-2, Jr. over ANGEL SOLIS (Lemoore (cs)) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 2-1).
7th Place Match
CODY RENTFRO (Hilmar (sj)) 5-2, Sr. over WILLEM DEBOER (Frontier (cs)) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 4-3).

195 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – CHASEN BLAIR of Rancho Bernardo (sd)
2nd Place – TONY ANDRADE of Gilroy (cc)
3rd Place – RYAN REYES of Clovis West (cs)
4th Place – DANNY SALAS of St. John Bosco (ss)
5th Place – NEMO CHAPMAN of Inderkum (sj)
6th Place – TREVOR ERVIN of Buchanan (cs)
7th Place – RUGER WYNEKEN of Clovis (cs)
8th Place – ADRIAN GODINEZ of Foothill (cs)
1st Place Match
CHASEN BLAIR (Rancho Bernardo (sd)) 6-0, Sr. over TONY ANDRADE (Gilroy (cc)) 5-1, Jr. (MD 12-3).
3rd Place Match
RYAN REYES (Clovis West (cs)) 6-1, So. over DANNY SALAS (St. John Bosco (ss)) 4-2, Sr. (MD 8-0).
5th Place Match
NEMO CHAPMAN (Inderkum (sj)) 6-2, Sr. over TREVOR ERVIN (Buchanan (cs)) 4-3, Jr. (Dec 5-2).
7th Place Match
RUGER WYNEKEN (Clovis (cs)) 6-2, Sr. over ADRIAN GODINEZ (Foothill (cs)) 4-3, Sr. (SV-1 6-4).

220 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – CADE BELSHAY of Buchanan (cs)
2nd Place – DARRYL AIELLO of De La Salle (nc)
3rd Place – SAM AGUILAR of Sultana (ss)
4th Place – JOEY DANIEL of Santa Ana (ss)
5th Place – VICTOR JAQUEZ of Bellarmine (cc)
6th Place – DOMINIK URENA of Elsinore (ss)
7th Place – JOHN HALAJIAN of Clovis North (cs)
8th Place – ETHAN BAKKER of Los Alamitos (ss)
1st Place Match
CADE BELSHAY (Buchanan (cs)) 5-0, Sr. over DARRYL AIELLO (De La Salle (nc)) 5-1, Sr. (Dec 7-4).
3rd Place Match
SAM AGUILAR (Sultana (ss)) 6-1, Sr. over JOEY DANIEL (Santa Ana (ss)) 6-2, Jr. (Dec 5-1).
5th Place Match
VICTOR JAQUEZ (Bellarmine (cc)) 5-2, So. over DOMINIK URENA (Elsinore (ss)) 3-3, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:50 (17-1)).
7th Place Match
JOHN HALAJIAN (Clovis North (cs)) 5-2, Sr. over ETHAN BAKKER (Los Alamitos (ss)) 5-3, Sr. (Fall 4:59).

285 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – SETH NEVILLS of Clovis (cs)
2nd Place – JESUS FLORES of Delhi (sj)
3rd Place – GAVIN NYE of Corning (ns)
4th Place – NOAH WRIGHT of Lemoore (cs)
5th Place – PABLO MILLER of Del Oro (sj)
6th Place – ELIJAH CLARK of Buena (ss)
7th Place – ISAIAH ORTIZ of Buchanan (cs)
8th Place – JAKE LEVENGOOD of Vacaville (sj)
1st Place Match
SETH NEVILLS (Clovis (cs)) 5-0, Jr. over JESUS FLORES (Delhi (sj)) 5-1, Sr. (Fall 0:59).
3rd Place Match
GAVIN NYE (Corning (ns)) 5-1, Sr. over NOAH WRIGHT (Lemoore (cs)) 4-2, Sr. (Fall 0:52).
5th Place Match
PABLO MILLER (Del Oro (sj)) 5-2, Sr. over ELIJAH CLARK (Buena (ss)) 6-3, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).
7th Place Match
ISAIAH ORTIZ (Buchanan (cs)) 4-2, Sr. over JAKE LEVENGOOD (Vacaville (sj)) 3-3, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).

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